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Frankston Fire Brigade
 About Us
The Frankston Fire Brigade
The Frankston Fire Brigade is an integrated station (consisting of both volunteers and career staff) and is responsible for the protection of life and property for those in Frankston and surrounding suburbs.  Currently there are 25 CFA employed career staff appointed to Frankston (minimum of 4 on at any one time) and 39 operational volunteer fire fighters.
Fire Danger Ratings predict fire behaviour and how difficult it will be to put it out. The Fire Danger Rating is your trigger to act.
Fire Danger ratings
Frankston - the Suburb
Frankston is a blend of commercial, light industrial and residential on the urban / rural interface. It is an outer south- eastern suburb of Melbourne and is located on the eastern shores of Port Philip Bay.  In Frankston there are two large shopping centres, a major hospital, several schools and approximately 65,000 people.
The Frankston fire brigade is one of 1220 brigades that together form the Country Fire Authority (CFA).  The CFA is responsible for all parts of the state of Victoria except for public land (eg National Parks etc. which is the responsibility of the DSE), and inner metropolitan Melbourne (which is protected by the MFB).