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Frankston Fire Brigade
 Emergency Response
Your emergency call
All emergency fire brigade related calls in Victoria are received by a central call taking centre – VICFIRE.  After taking the call, Vicfire will determine which brigade area the call is in, and then notify that brigade and any other support brigades.

Once Vicfire has dispatched the call, the relevant brigade/s receive the call information via pager.  This will include type of call, additional information, address, and map reference.
The brigade receives the call
When Frankston fire brigade receive an emergency call, the career staff at Frankston will crew and respond the appropriate appliance/s (with the assistance of the career staff, the brigade is able to respond an appliance within 90 seconds).

As this is occurring, the Frankston volunteers respond either direct to the call, or to the fire station to respond/crew further appliances (depending on where and what the call is).

All radio traffic for the status of the vehicles, call status, situation reports, or calls for addition appliances / resources, occur on CFA channel 27, whilst fire ground radio traffic is conducted on CFA channel 29
Dial triple zero (000)
In a life threatening emergency, at any time, day or night, you should dial Triple Zero (000) for Police, Fire or Ambulance.